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Alyssa is our Cover Girl of January 2007!
Alyssa is a native of Paducah, Kentucky and naturally an aspiring model. But more so, she would like to finish school and pursue a career in the medical field as a dietician and nutritionist. Her 34D-26-36 physique lays witness to just how taught and tight a body can be if you eat all of your vegetables.

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Adrianne is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but you can catch her at the Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on 5420 Bunkum Road in Washington park, IL. Her measurements are a natural 34C-26-35 and she is 5'5" tall and a Leo.
Her turn-ons are Latin men and women, and the celebrity she'd most like to do is Hilary Swank!

You can see more of Adrianne in our Members Area.
Ty is a 5'4" package of dynamite who likes guys in uniform! She admires military men and would like to be a cop one day. She never leaves home without her pocket rocket, and she is most likely to be turned on by a nice smile and a big cock! She also says that champagne makes her wet and ready to take it up the ass...

You can see more of Ty in our Members Area.
Alanna is from St. Louis and a total sexpot! Her favorite toy is her shower head, but she also likes rabbit vibes and her ambition is to take a 15" cock up her ass! In fact, her favorite position is doggy style, with the cock in her ass! She dances at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Washington Park, IL, and if you have a fast car, chances are that she will want to take a ride in it!

You can see more of Alanna in our Members Area.

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